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Clifton Hill Flowers

Need flowers in Clifton Hill that look the business? Sarah’s Flowers has it covered.

Clifton Hill is all kinds of amazing wrapped up in the guise of a suburb and plonked 6km north east of Melbourne’s city centre near Fitzroy North and Abbotsford. It’s home to the beautiful Edinburgh Gardens, the divine Darling Gardens and us, Sarah’s Flowers and purveyor of the finest flowers in town. Actually, scrap the word ‘purveyor’. It makes us sound like one of those snooty chichi florists who charge an arm and a leg for a few artistically placed twigs and a bit of glitter. We’re an honest-to-goodness florist, working hard to deliver the best Clifton Hill flowers six days a week. If you have a birthday, anniversary, new job, new baby, new haircut or something else worth celebrating, we have the bouquet for you. When you want to show someone special you’re thinking of them during a difficult time, or wishing them a speedy recovery from an illness, heartbreak, or bad haircut, our arrangements are the floral equivalent of a big old squidgy hug that wraps them in affection and envelops them in love. Aw, sweet!

If you like lilies, we have them by the armful in our Clifton Hill florist studio, along with roses, irises, gerberas, chrysanthemums, orchids and a whole garden of stunning flowers for you to choose from. We mentioned lilies first because they’re such an incredibly versatile flower. Not only do they come in a rainbow of colours, you don’t need many of them to make an impact. White Oriental is a classic boxed arrangement of pure white lilies accented with luxuriant greenery. It’s absolutely elegant in its simplicity and ideal for every gift giving occasion from showing sympathy when a loved one dies, to giving to a bride or recently engaged woman . We also offer it in pink for an ideal Mother’s Day present that certainly trumps a pair of slippers or the latest Best of John Farnham collection. Birthdays and other happy occasions like a graduation call for colour - the brighter, the better. Sunset Blend is the epitome of a party with its explosion of orange, yellow, red, pink and blue; but if you’re celebrating a new baby one of our colour coordinated choices like Bouncing Baby or Blooming Baby may appeal more. If you want to, you can include a fab gift with your flowers like champagne to wet the baby’s head (not literally, that’s just a figure of speech. It’s really for drinking), or a stylish glass vase. Our flowers are pretty amazing on their own, but chuck in some chockies and you’ve elevated anniversary roses from “thanks, honey” to “I’ve set The Block to record, honey. We’re having an early night”.

When you need flower delivery to Clifton Hill all you have to do is get in touch online, via our mobile site, or by calling us directly on the number above (notice we said “directly”, not “get routed via some generic overseas call centre where they wouldn’t know a rose from a racehorse”). If you want our same day service order by 2pm (10am on Saturday) and you can have your flowers today for our standard low delivery rate. We stand behind every bouquet we deliver. We’re not about to risk our reputation on sending anything less than pristine so you can trust that with Sarah’s Flowers you really are getting the best flowers for a great price.

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